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    Agile teams,

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    Become a truly

    Agile team.

     Learn as you work.

     Become gurus of process.

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    Turn boring

    into a breeze.

     Track work items with ease.

     Take command of bugs, tasks and issues.

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    Tame documentation

    once and for all.

     What? Integrated document authoring?!

     No you're not dreaming.

What is Exia?

Exia is an Agile management tool that integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio for the ultimate combination of power and ease of use.

Long ago, I had a dream to create an Agile management tool so fluid and powerful that it would make your Agile projects fun, make your team successful, and you would

Today that dream is a reality.
Agile teams,
EXIA is for you.

Nigel Shaw, CTO and Founder


You will love it

Unlike other Agile tools, Exia isn't annoying and kludgy. It's fluid, fast and fun.


Your team will love it

Exia helps teams collaborate easily and share information. That helps the whole team.


You'll succeed

Exia gets the project on track and gets things done faster, so the project succeeds.

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Experience painless Agile. Plan, track and execute faster, more collaboratively and with less headache and frustration.

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